Warner Bros. Regrets Missing the Boat

8 Oct

Superman_Batman_LogoIn a recent keynote interview between Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara and Bruce Ramer at the USC Gould School of Law he spoke a little about his thoughts on the lack of DC superhereos on the big screen.  He goes so far as to say other Batman and Superman franchises had been “missed opportunity,” but added that the studio had “huge plans for a number of other DC properties on TV.” Perhaps one hint in that direction: “We need to get Wonder Woman on the big screen or TV.”

That’s hopeful for all Wonder Woman fans as they have been clamoring for her to get a solo movie for quite some time now. Fingers crossed it won’t be too far behind the Batman versus Superman Movie.

And if you are keeping up with any potential Wonder Woman movie news, we direct you attention to the recent trailer produced by Rainfall takes a look at what a 300 style Wonder Woman could look like.

Share your thoughts readers, did Warner Bros. drop the ball on franchises? Will they ever be able to redeem themselves? Do we really want a 300 style Wonder Woman?

Quotes courtesy of hollywoodreporter.com

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