Episode 8

29 Oct

Monday has come and gone, time for some easy listening and geeking out! Episode 8 is live and let’s get down to comic talk.

This week we talk

Justice League #24

Wolverine and the X-Men #37 (Battle of the Atom Pt. 9)

Velvet #1

Pretty Deadly #1

JL24BofA9   Velvet1Pdeadly

Also news that hit the wire:

Loki looks like a lady,

Batman buys American,

Wonder Woman can play with the boys, but not on her own,

Dr. Strange is about to become familiar,

Arrow gets some more Firefly hand-me-downs. 

All this and wonderful banter on Girls With Issues
PS Stop by our Itunes page and give us a review for a shout-out of gratefulness on next week’s episode.

Stay geeky friends!

All images courtesy of Comixology and Dark Horse

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