Ant-Man casting rumors were true!

18 Dec


Well time to take another drink, looks like Hollywood tried to pull the wood over our eyes once again. It looks like Paul Rudd will be the new Ant-Man in the marvel cinematic universe. We talked a little about this a few podcasts ago and we were of split mindset. Will Paul Rudd be serious enough or will they go with a lighter version of Ant-Man?
Most important, why does Hollywood always deny deny and then confirm the rumors? Is it to avoid something like the internet’s reaction to Batfleck? Are we secretly participating in a focus group before the movie studios offer contracts to these actors? Or are agents using the internet to up the deals they can get? Whatever the reason it’s beginning to feel a little like Peter and the Wolf, how many times can they deny until we call blasphamy!
And for your personal reference here is the most recent video of Paul Rudd denying Ant-Man
Along with the article confirming he really will be the new Ant-Man by Variety
Talk to us loyal listeners, what are your thoughts on this casting?

Image courtesy of reddit

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