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We are just two girls with issues of and about comic books. We wanted to manifest our passion in a way that we could share with the world and thus our Podcast was born. Each week we clear off our desk, plug in our microphones and get to talking. We hope you enjoy!

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Brought up on comics at a early age my collection has grown from Disney, Power Rangers and Animaniacs to DC’s greatest heroes, Marvel’s nitty gritty and Independent page turners. My father took me to the local comic shop a lot growing up and now when ever he comes to visit my favorite thing is to take him to the ones I visit. My passion for comics has only grown with my relationship with my wonderful partner Vicki  who handed me Old Man Logan after a month of dating and opened me up to the gritty world of Marvel comics. Now looking at our collection it’s hard to pick a favorite trade or single issue, they are just all so great!

Currently on my nightstand to read:

Watchmen (I know, I’m a little late to the party on this)

Ultimate Spider-man (the first omnibus, so heavy)

Fatale Trade #3  (well once I buy it of course)



I got into comics through the back door.  Though I’ve always maintained a love for the scifi/fantasy genre in all its incarnations, it wasn’t until I was in my last year of college that I stumbled into the world of comics.  I started reading Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise (I’ll give you three guesses why *wink-wink*) and that acted as my gateway drug. Overwhelmed by the abundance of choices the weekly issue rack presented before me, and too embarrassed to admit my neophyte status to the clerks at the store, I took to the internet to find myself an entry point.  All signs pointed me to two books, the penultimate books in comic history, The Dark Knight Returns and  Watchmen. From there I jumped from trade to trade, from mainstream to indie, Marvel and DC (though heavily Marvel focused) and my comic TPB collection started to dominate my bookshelf. But I didn’t start collecting weekly issues until Greg Rucka’s Batwoman run in Detective Comics (again, I’ll give you three guesses why *dropping anvil over your head).  After that, when DC introduced the new 52 I decided to step out of the shallow end and dive head first into the deep end. I figured I earned enough street cred through my TPB reading that I could stay afloat.  It was also right around that time that I was trying to catch the attention of a very cute geek named Billea. She took my hand and guided me through the world of DC,  and I introduced her to the the ways of Marvel and indie comics and we’ve been a happy nerd couple ever since.

Currently on my nightstand to read:

The Underwater Welder

Gotham Central, Book 3

CPN_logo_balloon_sigUpdate to all of our Loyal Listeners we are now proud members of the Comic Podcast Network! Woohoo!!


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