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Smallville: Titans

6 Oct

Oh no the glowing criminal is terrorizing the boardwalk! This looks like a job for Teen Titans!

Smallville started a new story line this week, taking the attention away from Wonder Woman and Supes to focus on the young superheros that are being taught how to fight crime at the hand of Jay Garrick.

Smallville Titans #1Dr. Phosphorus has escaped and has turned his fiery rage on innocent victims on the Ferris Wheel. “This looks like a job for Superboy!” While Superboy stabilizes the Ferris Wheel the other titans, Blue Beetle, Miss Martian, Wonder Twins and Speedy take on Dr. Phosphorus. After a few botched attempts the team works together to finally douse out Dr. Phosphorus and save the innocents from the fiery destruction of the Ferris Wheel. When Jay arrives to asses the team, they don’t get the congratulations they were expecting. Instead he reads them the riot act as we discover Dr. Phosphorus being taken back into custody by DEO agents. As they puzzle over how the doctor escaped in the first place, we learn that he might have had a little help of everyone’s favorite white haired assassin.

Is Rose Wilson going to hunt down but eventually join the teen titans? Will Jay ever give them a “job well done”? Will Conner and Miss Martian have some alone time at the Titan’s school? All these questions and more adventures to come in Smallville: Titians!

All images courtesy of DC Comics
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