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The Girl’s Pull List 12/04

4 Dec

Here’s our list of books we’re checking out this week. What about you? What are you reading?

Earth 2 Reality Check Six Gun Gorilla velvet Young avengers Superior Spider-man

Earth 2 #18
Written by Tom Taylor    Art by Nicola Scott

Reality Check #4
Written by Glen Brunswick   Art by Victor Bogdanovic

Six Gun Gorilla #6
Written by Si Spurrier     Art by Jeff Stokely

Velvet #2
Written by Ed Brubaker Art by Steve Epting

Young Avengers #13
Written by Kieron Gillen     Art by Jamie McKelvie

Superior Spider-Man #23
Written by Dan Slott     Art by Humberto Ramos


Girls With Issues: Episode 13

3 Dec

Happy Tuesday and just in time for lucky number 13! We are live with Episode 13!

This week we talk…

Damian son of batman wolverine x-men Sidekicks

Damian Son of Batman #2

Wolverine and the X-Men #38

Sidekick #4

Also news that hit the wire:

Ghost rider is now behind the wheel

Spidey has plenty of villains

And What would Marvel look like on Ice, minus the ice

All this and wonderful banter on Girls With Issues

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Stay geeky friends!

All images courtesy of Comixology and Dark Horse

Episode 6

15 Oct

It’s Episode 6!

Due to all the Comic-Con news this week we’re only reviewing one book this week:

Battle of the Atom #7

Battle of the Atom #7

Written by : Brian Wood

Art by: David Lopez



The Girls talk all things New York Comic Con:

DC Comic announces more Batman Books and the return of Billea’s Favorite blonde butt kicker!

Marvel is giving us more Dan Slott amazingness, restarting the fantastic four and adding more kick butt women to their list of books.

Image writers and artist talked about their passion projects from a 300 story told from the slaves point of view to a haunted house meets ocean’s eleven story.

Also the many fan girl moments of Comic-Con! 

All this and wonderful banter on Girls With Issues

All images courtesy of Comixology
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